Number Hawk - Taking money without permission

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my child support card is telling me that you are taking 18.95 off my card every moth but i did not authorize any one to take any money off my card and want it to stop now and also for you to put my money back on my card or i am going to speak to a lawyer about it and will be sueing someone about it i don't let anyone use my card ever and don't shop anything online someone needs to contact me about this immidately i don't even know what your website is even about

Number Hawk - Took 18.95 off my card without permission!!!

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Number hawk charged me a $1.00 twice for a $1 inquiry and then turned around and charged 18.95 to my credit card that is unauthorized..Then you can't get a hold of anybody to take it off..I want to warn others not to use this service and I will be seeking fraud charges against the web service..So consumer beware!!!! If you find this website leave it and report it to the proper authorities!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This really makes me mad when they claim to be a secure and reliable serice provider.....Do not use this site..

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Number Hawk - Numberhawk: another unauthorized "identity shield"scam with more than one name.

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NumberHawk and Phoneagentcs are the same company; both sites will offer $1 searches and then, without authorization, take money from your account every month.

My husband made two $1 searches and we were then charged each month untill I realized this was happening.

He is very certain there was nothing on the sites to suggest that this would occur.

I cancelled both accounts,and was given the same cancellation number for both accounts.

One wonders how some people can look in the mirror or sleep at night.

Let us trust that there will, eventually, be justice for those who steal from others.

In the meantime, if you hear of any class action suits against these miscreants, do let me know.

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phoneagentcs ripped me off too.I cancled my membership right then because they couldnt find who I was looking for, then a week later charged me $18.95.

I called them and they tried to give me 50% back so I kept arguing and he said I would get a full refund.

We will see if that happens.I cancled my credit card and plan on reporting the every where I can.

Number Hawk - I cancelled this garbage you didnot find anything for me you are a crook

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stop taking my money you think you are slick you dont leave a number because you know you are ripping people off.stop stop stop!!!!!

or else i will have to take further action. i know where you are.there are no names you know that. stop the nonsense. this is crazy, you know this is about finding phone numbers.

you lied and said that it was only a dollar. this rip off is called numbers hawk.

something someone made up to make money.theifs thats all.crooks crooks crooks crooks crooks crooks crooks crooks crooks crooks crooks crooks crooks crooks crooks.

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Number Hawk - $1 did not get anything but a bill for the last two months for 18.95@ m0

Washington, District Of Columbia 3 comments

Bait and swithch: unauthorized billig on monthly basis of 18.95 for what I do not know or authorize.Just looked back in previous bills and they were charging monthly the 18.95.

NOT AUTHORIZED. Do I want anything but my monies back and to not know this type of *** artist...If I buy something or a service I expect to pay for that product or service if received and it is what I ordered. In this case I did neither. I bought nothing or order no service.

Yet the middle guy, the "ACH" their only doing what they are supposed to do. And are neutral.

Yet they collect the funds and distribute them on request with no justification.This is BS.

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same problem........

no phone number to contact!


how do you get ahold of these *** people cause they have charged me 2 months in a row and i don't even know what this website even is or about


The same happened to me it was supposed to be $1 but after reading this have gone back on my bank statements and this has been happening formonths I have not authorised anything. I am now having to go to the bank and try to stop them taking the money out as I do not know who to contact.

Number Hawk -,tracenumber for1.oo,charge you 18.95 month later!!Did cancellit,still got charged

Springfield, Ohio 1 comment

Had a harasseing phone number traced for 1.00.They could'nt find the number so I cancelled the order.A month later they charged me 18.95 membership fee for something that I already had cancelled within the 7 day grace period.I had cancelled it the same day.And was still charged.When I contacted them through their live chat,they said I did'nt cancelle within the 7 days,and their attornys said it ok that they don't refund my18.95!They even gave me a second cancellation number 64769.So now I am cancelling my account so that they cannot legally steal anymore of my money.




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